I Wouldn’t Really Call This A Resolution

Going to start off with an exert from my personal Facebook which got this blog started….

I know its like 3 or 4 weeks into 2017 and the idea of starting an actual blog/Online Journal has crossed my mind so many times already.
However I have no idea what I’d write/showcase/etc. My art website is still under construction and I constantly post my work on FB, IG and Snapchat. Twitter kind of is just well there and don’t even get me started on tumblr. (oi) It might just be an impulse thought?? I don’t really know.

With this all said, I’m wondering if you can sense the kind of person I am. If not, here is a small summary:

  • Indecisive
  • Can’t move without permission
  • Emotionally driven
  • Quirky

I know sounds a bit negative, but thats anxiety for you. Oops lets add that to the list

  • Overly Anxious


Ok but lets try adding some positive traits:

  • Motherly
  • Team Player
  • Open Minded
  • Good taste in music

Thats it for now, in terms of traits.

Anyway I guess I am just here in mid fall down the rabbit hole as I seek and search for meaning and purpose….? Possibly? Hell I’m not even sure. I’ve seemed to have lost bits of pieces of my mind so hopefully I can make sense of all this (as well as WordPress as there are quite a lot of buttons).

Back to the point of this first post; I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be posting in terms of regularity/ the main focus. A few ideas have crossed what mind I have left…

  • Memories I find for my scrapbook
  • New Music I discovered
  • Day to day recaps
  • Emotional and Mental breakdowns/Venting (oops!)
  • Random thoughts and ideas
  • Quotes
  • Maybe some artwork

And if all else fails I could just recap what I had for dinner like in Julie and Julia (Great film by the way).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy as this blog serves no business purpose.

Happy Reading!



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