You Are Not Helping. I’m Sorry

I can see you are trying. I really do and I fully, 100% honestly see it, but you are really just repeating the same information I’ve heard for years.

You may say that I should then take that information and do something with it. You are right I should, but you are not SHOWING me. Telling and showing are two different things, I’m a visual learner (I’m sorry that isn’t obvious) but thats why I go to an art school. I love seeing, hearing, touching and being given examples; its how I learn. It is not some switch I can just click.

I know I shouldn’t be so dependent on you and others; I should be able to move and make my own decisions and use what I am given, however I can’t do it as easily as everyone. Thats how people learn, I know, but some people NEED an extra push. They are slower at processing information, that is just WHO they are. I am one of them. My thought process isn’t a normal speed; I’m easily distractible, I don’t get anything at the first attempt. You are going to have to repeat and (I’m sorry) get used to my constant questions.


I already feel terrible when I have to ask more than once, but I generally feel like an annoyance and feel helpless when I do.

I wish to be independent, I wish to be successful, but I need personal time for me to fully process the information in order to get to where I want. Please work with me instead of yell at me thinking the information is just going to sink in.

. . .

I’m not Spongebob, unfortunately.


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