How Are You Not Deaf?

You never know how much you have to say when you have a bad day and someone asks how you are doing.

With yesterday being, well a typical Monday, I’m always relieved when someone tells me that they are still ok even after I spend hours speaking. While doing homework I received a phone call from an acquaintance; we’ve only been talking for a few weeks, but he was very concerned as previously in the day I kept dodging the question of

“How is your day going?”


“Hows your night going?”

Really simple questions, but then again I’ve always been easy to read. I’m like a children’s coloring book.

(I wonder if anyone gets that reference…oh well).

Anyway, I know it feels good to vent and to just speak, but it leaves me with a really bitter taste in my mouth. I’m talking and complaining for hours about situations that I’m making bias by paraphrasing and only saying MY side of the story. It is hard to reiterate everything word for word, but I just feel bad…yet so relieved though. Kind of makes you wonder if the other person is even taking it all in?? Could they just be letting it go in one ear and out the other? Possibly, but I mean friends do what they can right?

Either way, since I’m so used to being quiet during classes and around my daily life, its so weird to hear myself go in circles while I talk about what has me so riled up. I never know how much I talk and when I do I’m terrified I’m being annoying.

Common Fear I am sure though so guess I’m just doing what I do when I rant. Repeat myself over and over.

I guess that even begs the question of do I even need this online journal?

But that is another post. Either way, I talked for about an hour and felt somewhat better. They were completely helpful so its nice to be reminded I have support behind me even if I am so many miles away from home.

Darn you out of state college :’)


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