Seeing Stars In The Day Time

You think you always know everything about yourself, but hell guess that is true that we shall forever surprise ourselves.

We’ve all been there before, reading horoscopes and comparing them to ourselves and having a good ol’ time confirming and denying the traits. I’m guilty myself as its kind of a fun pass time. While on the topic of Space Pants to space turds, my colleagues and I got on the topic of stars and our signs.

What a transition!

And according to them, who are far more involved in the subject than I, there is quite a lot more that goes into it. We all have so many subcategory of signs under certain planets and such. If I heard correctly, it had to do (mainly) the timing of each of our births. So it was kind of fun hearing what they calculated about myself.

I am a Pisces by nature and birth, but that is only my sun sign (which I assume is the dominate sign)

However under the moon I am a Gemini, which I was flabbergasted. I could have sworn I was Aquarius last time I investigated…then again it was a while ago.

Now I’m not quite sure how accurate this is, but the rest according to my birth is labeled below under the planets:

  •  Mercury: Aquarius
  • Venus: Aries
  • Mars: Pisces
  • Jupiter: Capricorn
  • Saturn: Pisces
  • Uranus: Aquarius
  • Neptune: Capricorn
  • Pluto: Sagittatrius
  • Lilith: Cancer
  • Ascnode: Libra

Now to me…this doesn’t really mean too much as it doesn’t make much sense, however it was still kind of fun to see. There was even a chart and diagrams involved…I like seeing those, kind of makes me feel like I’m an RPG character with stats…

With all this said, I didn’t learn that much as there was a lot of information that required careful study dealing with planetary alignment and such. That all kind of goes over my head unfortunately, but the calculator they used held quite a few nice little summaries of the full descriptions.

Sun: Pisces

“He is compassionate and sentimental. He likes isolated occupations: administration, archives, history. Spirit of self-sacrifice.

Weaknesses: tendency to be led astray, lack of experience or inability to apply experience practically. Lethargy, over-sensitivity and emotionalism.”


Moon: Gemini:

Sharp intellect. He likes literature, adapts to all situations and social groups. Work in contact with the public, literary occupations, travel.

Weaknesses: lack of follow-up of ideas, indecision, goes back on decisions.

I will only put these two as they are the ‘biggest’ ones that held the most importance…even though I hate saying that something is more important that something else. But either way, wow, the more you know am I right?

Maybe one day when I have enough time, I’ll delve deeper into this because it really is fascinating. I highly encourage others to give it a try if this interests you.

I know it certainly made my morning not as dull as it could have been. And may I say that this is pretty damn accurate so far.


Enjoy exploring the stars no matter what kind of day it is.


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