From The Pencil To The Screen

Been almost a whole week since I started this blog, maybe its perhaps time I start making something of it.

Or just try something and see where I can/could go with it. Get creative with it if even possible. I’m an artist by nature (or thats how I like to think about myself) and lately I’ve been in a funk.

Taken from my Personal Facebook:

Artist friends
How do you get out of a funk?
I’m trying to get back into the grooves of things and my old routine, but I’m stuck and I can’t seem to get past it

And the majority of the comments were…

  • Listen to Music
  • Find New Prompts
  • Walk Away
  • Get Out(side)
  • Find Yourself
  • Try Something New
  • Don’t Do Jack Shit/Take A Breather

Things we all have heard before and generally find helpful which they can be. I’ve been here before and I know for a fact I’ve done some of these to get back into my ‘routine’.

But maybe I’ll try something new since I have this

*Gestures To All This Empty Blogging Space*

So I think I will try something to spruce this space up, get my creativity flowing again.

Let me just create a separate tag

*Click Click…Type Type*

. . .

*More Clicking and Typing*

… … … …

There we go, if you would turn your attentions to the tags, you should see one that is labeled ‘Creative’ and that shall be where most of this is going to go as well as subcategories. Probably to just distinguish them from each other.

Heres to hoping this will help, not only relieve me of my funk, but also help further my creative thinking.

If you decide to stick around, I hope you enjoy seeing what ‘creative’ works I have to offer as well as stay updated on my Instagram which is located on the homepage.

*Shameful Plug* 




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