Unexpected Cherrio In My Coffee

Pouring my cup of coffee into my thermos only to discover my lack of milk. Thinking to how this is possible, only to discover I used the last in my bowl of non-named brand unsweetened whole Os that I have gingerly sprinkled cinnamon and honey over.

Gotta make some cuts somewhere, I am not bothered by saving a few cents every grocery trip…plus also cutting out some calories, but thats another trip down another oddly locked wonderland door.

Standing there and staring at my dilemma, I decided to (on every other bite) scoop a spoonful of the lactose free milk I had in my bowl into my coffee. I’m not quite sure if it was because of how early it was or something, but it seemed almost ingenious? For lack of higher vocabulary word. Either way I went with it and it seemed to work after about 4 or 5 spoonfuls



All seemed right. Until I took a few sips of my coffee to discover a lonely cherrio floating near the rim. I mean it wasn’t utterly disgusting, but it just caught me off guard. I’m assuming it was a hitchhiker who stuck on the bottom of my spoon without me seeing. I guess it just got me thinking about unexpected (and sometimes happy) accidents.

You plan and strategize and organize how something should happen/go in order to get to the end result and then you just kind of get slapped in the face with some minor detail that you suddenly didn’t see before or expect.

D e a t h   B y   D e t a i l s

Is what a previous professor had called it. Though it wasn’t always a death, but more of a “How in the world did this happen?”

Sometimes its explainable, other times its like “No but serious, how in the world!?”

We just have to learn how to expect the unexpected and stay on top of things in order to counter act and make the next step work in our favor. It may be difficult to figure out where to go next, but we all will figure out what to do eventually.

As for me, I suppose it worked out in my favor as I was still a little hungry part took in that cherrio and it was delicious.



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