Day 1: My Month

New month, new start to 2017

If you have the same mindset I do that January was just a trial month (not my joke) haha!
But anyway I figured I’d get some ideas flowing and possibly make things more interesting by completing some prompts about myself and (hopefully) some fictional/creative all while sharing my own ideas here and there. I mean it is still my blog after all.

So without further ado, Let us start with Day 1.


Prompt 1:
List 20 Random Facts about yourself
(cliche, but good to start out for the first day I suppose)

  1. When I say this is my month, I mean I was born in February. Sorry for the confusion
  2. I am Very Much A Coffee Addict
  3. I am very distractible…
  4. …and gullible
  5. …and influential
  6. Based on my blog, I’m sure you have already guessed I have a massive fascination and love for Alice In Wonderland
  7. 11 out of 10 times, you will catch me with my headphones in
  8. My body is fueled by Fruit
  9. Discussing Politics makes me feel beyond sick
  10. My back is covered with scars and scratch marks due to anxiety
  11. I shave…everywhere when I shower
  12. My personality has been referred to as ‘Mother Goose/Hen’
  13. I have a constant habit of apologizing for my race and gender (White Cisgendered Male)
  14. My Hogwarts house, even from the Pottermore site itself, always ends up between Gryffindor and Slytherin
  15. Everyone calls me a Hufflepuff tho
  16. I am ISFJ
  17. Relationships (social and romantic/intimate) have been one of the biggest stressful parts of my life
  18. Slight Hoarding Problem
  19. I am a none violent person….unless the violence is executed in a fictional way……and staged in my head.
  20. I daydream and am stuck in the clouds 24/7

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