Day 4: Dear My 16 Dumbass Self

Here 10 things I wish I could tell you. I’m sorry I am being straightforward, but I can’t think of any witty or humorous way to put this. Especially to make sure that you will listen.

Believe me. I know how you are

I’m you
but slightly stronger…


  1. Continue to work on your communication. Not only between you and your teachers, but your mom and dad as well
  2. By now you have learned that you are losing one of your friends. Let her go, she is not worth the trouble
  3. Don’t give up. You reach so many of your goals, even though they may be short term goals, you can still be proud
  4. Do not force who you are into the closet. Embrace your sexuality. Be Proud.
  5. When you are 17, a man will blind you with sweet words. Knowing how we are, I can only beg you to be smart and keep your head on straight. Please.
  6. You remember, on your 16th birthday, the one who kept you up all night? You helped her. She is alive and from what I can tell, she is doing alright.
  7. Your heart is a powerful source of strength and energy. Never let anyone extinguish it.
  8. As High School comes to a close, your friends are going to need you more than ever; one especially. Prepare yourself because it is going to hurt…
  9. You failed. You failed a class. The first time in your career, this is your first official failure. Accept it and move on.
  10. Accept what help is given. You are not alone in this fight, not only against our anxiety, stress and darkness. You have an army who stands right beside you. If you fall, they will help you to your feet to fight another day. There is no need to harm yourself any longer as you are only human. Do what you can and do the absolute best you can.

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