Day 5: 5 Positive Notes

Its an interesting question to ask, especially at a time like this. Midterms have fallen upon me and oh boy are they going to be super fun.

He said with sarcasm

Regardless, I’m not sure how interesting this list is going to be, but if it even helps with a little bit of positivity, then I’m all for it.

  1. Midterms marks the halfway point of the quarter.I have 5 weeks left until Spring break; granted traveling home isn’t going to be much fun, but once I’m there, it should be relaxing
  2. Finding some new music really helps, I know it does for me anyway. Currently replaying these beauties (especially during my morning shower).

    Tayler Buono – Technically Single
    Sabrina Carpenter – Thumbs
    Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me 

  3. I have my first Dungeons and Dragons game this afternoon. Its been a while; whole new group, all new people, lets hope this goes well. (If my damn mic will work, fingers are crossed)

  4. The slow process of getting out of my artistic funk. Sure they come and go, but it feels absolutely amazing once its gone and you can finally just start creating again! I know that there are many outlets to be creative (such as this blog), but I just feel so surreal and calmer(??) knowing that I can work my way back into my routine.


  5. I turn 21 at the end of the month. Oh wow where did the time go? But man oh man will it feel good to say “I could use a drink” and actually be legal to HAVE one!?

Drinking is not going to solve your problems or be the only thing to be excited about when you turn 21.

Please. Drink. Responsibly.

Thank you~ 


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