Day 7: Dream Job

This is a pretty vague question, for myself, because in my current field of study at SCAD it is a very open job market. Now I am an illustration major and unless you have a specific concentration that you want to focus on, then its pretty open ended and 9/10 times, those who graduate within this major go freelance.

If you are like my friends, ajillustrations15 or graybealillustration , who have specific concentrations they want to go into, then its a pretty predetermined path. They have passions and and dreams that help drive them onto that course, which so happens to be Concept Art and Scientific Illustration. Versus myself, who is still on that experimentation phase of my life.

I first started out in illustration because I was influenced by my colleague rootistabootus  during one of my production classes. Once I switched majors, I really didn’t have any direction until I met and did a workshop with Katie Kath (a very popular Children’s Book Illustrator). I was determined for a year and a half to become a children’s book illustrator, but then as I took more classes and seemed to not get anywhere with that idea. Granted I haven’t take many classes that specifically focused on that area due to some circumstances I can’t control (ie. School Board is changing is curriculum for some reason. I’m not having it since its affecting MY Junior year in a rather negative way.)

Anyway, I keep receiving the same feedback from professors and peers about how I’m still all over the place and how I should have an idea or direction I wish to follow. It becomes really frustrating after the first several times because NO ONE seems to be offering a constructive way to figure out WHERE I should go. I know it is MY decision and MY choice, but from the looks of it as of now, I may be falling back on my minor (Graphic Design) to get me through life. It is not a bad thing since that field is in such high demand and incorporates illustration, but the amount of pressure I am under currently is really making the answer to the question very unclear and undecided.

Yes, several artist spend years even after school not knowing what they want to do. Everyone says its fine and I see how it is, not everything is clear at first and we all are different, but how the things are going, it seems I am going to be freelance after college because I don’t have a dream anymore and thats actually EXTREMELY upsetting to me since the majority of my class has a general idea/set in stone idea of what they want to do.

You shouldn’t compare, I’m aware of this, but the creative field is so much more competitive than what people think.


Heres wishing the best of luck to those in my graduating year.
And to myself, oh how I hope to figure this out.


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