Flashback To When I Was A Prince

I was notified that today, last year, I made a post about how I need to treat myself better. It was very profound and empowering at the time and I will say that, looking back, I seemed to be driven by personal gains in this case. It seemed innocent back when I first wrote it (and still holds some innocence), but I feel its very selfish?? I’m not entirely sure. I mean self love is one thing, but being selfish is another. I really hope people don’t think poorly about myself after reading this, but its how I was feeling at the time. Given the circumstances I was under, I will say that it made perfect sense (To me, at the time). Figured I’d share this with you all since it was a big deal for me last year.


I Am A Prince
Treat Me As Such
_ _ _ _ _ _
A self worth discovery that I deserve to be treated better than I have. By myself and those around me.
Titles and labels aside, I am still a human being. Not a door mat.
So far on my journey, I can say that I have been stepped on, used and taken for granted.
Most times it has been by my own doing.
Being seen as naive to other’s intentions just so I can help them. Giving so many events and people the benefit of the doubt. Tossing my belongings aside and shutting my corruptions so they’d stay inside.
Crossing paths with so many people and giving up so much more than I should have or needed to. Falling into the dirt so many times and being fine with it. Struggling to decline and stand up for what I actually believed in.
Being a positive friend is one thing, but taking everything, all the needless burdens, from them to add to your every growing pile is something completely different. Practicing this technique has shown itself to be more of a curse than I was led to believe. I can’t do it anymore; it has contributed to the downfall of my self worth.
All to be seen not only as a good individual, but a stand up, all around perfect person that I’ve told myself I HAD to be.
Rejecting and Declining so many delicacies and pleasures that would have made me happy. Telling myself I didn’t earn or deserve it. Scaring myself to believe that every decision I’d make would bring a terrible aftermath. When trying to not care and actually give myself a reason to clean the dirt off, the end would always be a long winded explanation about why.
Then shortly followed by regret.
Change needs to happen! I’m ruining my life by judging and punishing myself too hard. I am a person like everyone else; I Deserve Happiness!
Calling myself a pauper when beneath the dirt covered, tattered and nearly useless rags are clothes fit for royalty. And hidden by the dark cloud I’ve kept over my own head is a gleaming crown worthy of display; sitting softly at a tilt.
I am a prince who is tired of fighting against myself; denying my royal title my self worth is deserving of.
The clothes and crown may seem over the top, but the smile that will eventually come with it, will be universal.
Spoil me even if I say no! Treat me to surprises if I say you don’t have to! Tell me I am good looking if I choose looks over comfort! Insist I have nothing to worry about when my crown starts to fall! Let me continue to know that I am deserving of what I have in my life and help me never to forget that!
Love me as I am so that I will continue to learn to love myself!
I need to put myself first and know that the most important things in my life will not only be my family, friends, beliefs and all I care for deeply, but my personal wellbeing; physically, mentally, emotionally and overall mindset.
Take the emotions and expressions as you may, but I need to start putting myself first. Though the decisions may seem harsher at times (maybe even selfish or heartless) but every good intention is still taken into account. I am a human being who deserves as much positivity as I’ve given out.
~  ~world-is-mine-watermark


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