Day 10: “I’m Embarrassed!”

We ALL have our embarrassing moments, so its hard to top one over the others. But hopefully my ‘pain’ from this one experience will make you laugh in some shape or form.


Almost 3 years ago, I was walking to my best friend’s house. He lived not that far, about 3 blocks over so it wasn’t that bad and hell it was a great way to get exercise (especially since I visited nearly every weekend). Anyhow, while walking I noticed an odd rubbing and almost itching like sensation on my legs and around my butt. I didn’t bother me that much so I just kind of left it alone. I arrive and we just start chilling out in his room. A little while later I use the bathroom and when I finished, pulling my pants up, I noticed I had a tear in my boxers from the base to the waistband!


I had walked nearly 3 blocks in ass-less chap like underwear!

The Rubbing and itching was from the material of my pants, oh the inhumanity! I poked my head out of the bathroom and had to call my friend, from downstairs, if he had any I could borrow to which he brought down 6 pairs cause he didn’t know what style I was ‘feeling’ today.

Best Friends For Life! HAHAH



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