Day 9: Influences

Today’s entry is a little late (by 2 days), but it shouldn’t stop me from posting these ‘daily’ prompt posts
Originally this asked for 10 influences, but I’m going to just list them and if its not 10, its not the end of the world.

  1. My Mother; Showing me how to stand up for myself, even if I am still in progress of perfecting your technique
  2. My Father; Passing your knowledge and wisdom onto me and for learning to embrace your inner child (or fun side)
  3. Parents and Extended Family; That I have the strength to get back up. That accepting help isn’t weakness. Love and Hope are our strongest weapons
  4. Dr. Stephen Strange; Never let anything hold you back. And if something tries…Just magically get rid of it.
  5. High School Mentor; I am not a failure.
  6. Best Friend and Partner In Crime; I am who I am, never apologize or take shame for it. #PlatonicGayLoveStory
  7. College Mentor; Everything is going to be ok. I will be ok.


So close! I could only get to 7, oh well. That is still like a C?? Not even sure, but whatever, not the point. What I do wish to say is that there are an endless number of others who I wish I could thank personally, I truly and honestly wish I could, but that post would be extremely long and very…very unorganized (as I struggled trying to remember everyone). My extensive number of friends from my entire educational years (elementary – college) and those who I have yet to meet. Regardless, I am still going to be learning and don’t think I’m going to ever be done being influenced by those I hold close to me.

Thank you all so much ❤


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