Day 11: “This tastes Overly Salty!”

Just as the title says, things are about to get a little salty.
The only reason they are is being today’s prompt wants me to talk about pet peeves. I will try to keep it civil, i really will.


  1. Disrespect; yes we all have our own opinions and thoughts about any and everything. Thats perfectly normal and ok; civil discussion of topics happens and are unavoidable, but the minute I hear bashing or any form of disrespect, bashing anyone or anything for their beliefs, race, thoughts, ideas, etc. Its over.
  2. Politics. See Above. Please don’t bring that up near me. I will feel physically sick
  3. Hypocrites and Hypocrisy; Unfortunately I am someone who has a tendency to be a hypocrite in order to please and/or stay on someone’s good side if things are getting a little ‘hostile’ (verbally). And if I fear facing unfair judgment from someone.
  4. Ignorance
  5. Arrogance
  6. Cockiness
    (If I see, hear, or even SMELL, any of these, I will become VERY frustrated)
  7. Ego; Confidence is one thing, but this is some other level bullshit. You are not all that. I’m sorry, no one is.
  8. Attention Seekers; It is not ALL about you. If the timing is right, and you have done, completed, said, contributed, or something along those lines that deserves attention then it will be given. Otherwise, please do not make everything about you. Sharing is caring, so share that imaginary spotlight with everyone else.
  9. Loud Voices. Concerts and music are one thing, but if you talk loudly, I will cringe. I understand that sometimes we are unaware about how loud we are being and a little reminder keep our voices down is one thing. If you neglect that and proceed to talk like you are at an amusement park, I will get a headache and start blocking you out.
  10. Manipulation and Abuse. I whole heartedly despite these traits. Abuse of power over someone; manipulating someone through words, force, emotions or other means will lower my respect for you to an unimaginable level. Its unforgivable, no more second chances from me. I have been through manipulation before and it is one of the most traumatizing experiences ever which NO ONE deserves to go through. Another reason why I H A T E politics.


Now I’m done and will take this dish back to the kitchen and let them know that this was overly salted. Forgive me for serving you this. Hopefully next time it will be better. ❤


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