Day 12: World from my Perspective

What its like to go through a typical Monday and Wednesday in my Shoes, let up find out!


7:05am – Wake Up To Alarm….well before my alarm, my internal clock is very on time (for the most part)

7:20am – Breakfast, after I’ve changed, brushed and washed

7:30 ~7:45am – Catch My Bus

8:00am – Walk around Downtown Savannah as my class doesn’t start until 11am

8:30am – Arrive at my classroom

8:45am ~ 10:45am – Finish any work that needs to be done before class starts (and/or goof around a little)

11:00am ~ 1:30pm – Typography I class


(its like a 25 – 30min walk/journey to get to my next building)

1:50pm – Arrive at my 2pm class, eat my snack that I packed the night before

2pm ~ 4:30pm – Advertising Illustration class

4:30pm ~ 4:45pm – Walk to my bus stop and wait for my bus

(usually its like a 15 – 25min wait so I tend to pace around a little)

5pm ~ 5:30pm – Arrive back at my dorm, and have another snack, change into PJs

5:30pm ~ 7:15pm – Dork around, catch up on youtube, netflix and just unwind

(Of course begin homework, all depends on how much I have)

7:15pm ~ 7:30pm – Dinner Time

7:45pm ~ Grab a cup of tea; Homework

8:00pm (On Wednesdays) – Shower

(All depends on how much homework I have)

8:30pm ~ 10:15pm – Homework

10:15pm ~ 11:00pm – Last minute Dork Around while packing for the next day

11:00pm – Bed time!


And that is a typical day in my life, on Monday and Wednesday~!


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