Day 13: Chinks In My Armor

As I say almost daily, I hate the fact that I am only human. Its a little frustrating at times, but overall I find it kind of boring and stressful. Though that is mostly my escapist side talking. It can be very stressful, but so would NOT being mortal.

As much as the idea of being some sorcerer, cartoon/anime character, superhero or some epic protagonist, etc, I can imaging being ever MORE stressed. Imagine being an Immortal god! THAT CRAP IS TERRIFYING :’D

Anyway, my point being, whether mortal or not, life would be stressful and we all have our breaking points. Not to mention our weaknesses. Hell, so do gods and superheroes. No one is perfect šŸ™‚


  1. Over Dramatic: Given its more common and overused term, anxiety, I am very over anxious. I worry constantly about any and possibly everything. Its a lot of “what if’s” and over thinking situations. Thus I tend to blow everything out of proportion and think everything is worse than it probably is.
  2. Trusting: Yes, a double edge sword. Unless it is a really sketchy scenario and/or you are a total stranger, I will put a lot of trust in someone. I’ll become very open and often give way too many chances, even if they’ve done wrong.
  3. Impressionable: I’m talking SO easily impressionable, that even saying one sentence to me could change my ENTIRE mindset or opinion on a subject matter. I will change my mind because I’m suddenly feeling that mine is wrong.
  4. Sensitive: This can be categorized with the first three, but I feel it deserves its own category. I not only wear my heart on my sleeve or cheek, but I wear it practically as a target for a shooting range. It is so easy to tell when something is bothering me, which is good and bad. Another double edge sword.
  5. Self Destructive: To top this all off, as I’m sure I am not alone in this, but I am self destructive. The weight on my shoulders and back is so much that I constantly think, everyday, that I am not enough. That I’ve already failed and deserved to be punished for screwing up my chances for a successful and happy life (Please see #1 listed above). I’ve done more mental and emotional harm than I could possibly imagine.

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