Day 14: “Strengths”

Going hand in hand with yesterday’s theme, today is discussing about my strengths. I suppose it is to help keep things on the positive side of things.


  1. I have a decent idea and thought process for organization
  2. Being open minded, given today’s day in age, is probably one of the only acts of being a decent human left in the world. I take some pride with this thought.
  3. Anyone else remember the story of ‘Mother Goose’? How she cared for everyone around her and they all in turn learned to to do the same? Well its nice to meet you, I am one of her children. I try to do everything my mother did to show kindness and compassion to those around me
  4. I’m surprised I don’t have like dumbo sized ears. Seems when people have something to say, they always come to me, which I don’t have a problem with. Feels kind of nice that they know I’m a great listener.
  5. I’ve made it this far


A little less interesting than my weaknesses, but its easier to talk about those for some reason. I can’t be the only one who thinks that tho, right? Its a little weird, but oh well. I’ve made it through two decades of living, regardless of what I’ve been through. Though it may not be as bad as others (we all have our hardships 😦 ), but if I’m still here,  I must be doing something right.


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