Day 15: “Animal Counterpart”

Another classic question,

“If you could be any animal, what would it be an why?”

While it is a generic and simple question, it doesn’t always mean it is an easy one. Before I would have said a cat or a red panda, or even a wolf; my younger adolescent mind was so simple. However now that I have seen myself and how I am as a person, I believe a Jackalope is a much more fitting animal counterpart.

Not to be confused with a jackrabbit, the jackalope is an animal of mystery as many debate whether the animal exists or not. Personally I believe it does, hence why I am choosing that specific animal. Typically described as a jackrabbit, but with antlers, the Jackalope is very relatable to me because I consider myself different (in a good way). My head is practically always in the clouds and always has one foot in the realm of fantasy, a perfect fit for a ‘fictional’ critter. My ADD and ADHD keeps me very active and I’m always seeking for something to do; I need to be doing something otherwise I end up feeling very guilty for wasting my day. I mean, plus it keeps the body and mind busy; makes the days go by quicker.

The fluffy and cute exterior of this critter is accompanied by two large antlers which is a sign of leadership and pride. The complete opposite of myself, but the idea of having these high expectations to follow and be someone who I could is very overwhelming. Living up the name and wearing the antlers as almost like a ‘crown’ in a sense. Its kind of a portentous thought/analogy, but its highly relatable due to myself being the eldest child in my family. I try my best to be cute, cuddly and an overall nice person, but its a little intimidating when I look at my shadow and see these two LARGE thorns protruding from my own head. On the contrary, I do see it as a sign of protection and defense, I welcome those who seek shelter and in need to ‘saving’ (lack of better terms).

Regardless, I believe and feel that, whether scholars will ever figure out if it is real or not, the jackalope is the animal I relate to the most.

What about you all? What do you guys believe is your animal counterpart?


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