Ever just feel so homesick all of a sudden??

I go to school out of state, so being away from home for so long I feel its a common feeling among many, right? Now I don’t know if it is because I’m turning 21 next weekend or if its just that time of the quarter where I want to be home and relaxing and with my family. I miss my whole family, but I’ve especially been missing my dad this past week and part of me is thinking it is due to the fact that I’m turning 21 and I’m not spending it with my family or him. (My parents aren’t divorced, just FYI)

I had it in my head that I’d be having my first official drink with my dad, like thats typically why most are excited about turning 21…


with that said, I’ve always been under the impression that it was going to be a very special bonding moment? My family aren’t heavy drinkers, more of social drinkers at get togethers, and usually its like a right of passage??? I’m not sure if thats the right phrase, but having that first drink with your dad has been portrayed as like a milestone in most medias such as TV and movies. I guess I was part of the population that was influenced by that thought that it kind of makes me sad that my first drink won’t be with my dad. Sure I can still have a drink with him when I get home, but not having him with me when I experience that moment is almost a little disappointing?

Yes bonding with parents doesn’t always involve drinking, but I just…I don’t know for some reason it just really makes me miss my dad. He tries to spend as much time with my brother and I and I haven’t really taken him up on those many chances to do so and I feel terrible now about it. Seeing where I am now and how much time has passed, maybe I’m just trying to make up for lost time? I don’t know, but its really bugging me.

Kind of reminds me of a song my friend shared with me

“Papaoutai” – Stromae 
(Lyrics in the Comments)

Granted my situation isn’t THAT bad, but I guess it relates to the song because I miss him and I can’t share this moment with him.


One thought on ““Papaoutai”

  1. williamswonderlandblog says:

    (Thanks to the comments section of this youtube video)
    Tell me where he came from
    So i’ll finally know where i’m going
    Mother says that
    when we look hard
    we always find what we’re looking for

    She says that he’s never very far away
    That he leaves often to work
    Mother says that working is good
    better than being with
    bad company

    (that line plays off the french saying that it’s better to be alone than with people you hate)

    Where is your dad?
    Tell me where your dad is!
    Without even having to talk to him,
    he knows what he’s done wrong.
    Ah father!

    Tell me where you’re hiding!
    I’ve counted my fingers over a million times.

    Where are you? Dad, where are you? (papa = dad, où = where, tai (t’es) = you are… papaoutai = papa, où t’es?)
    where are you? Dad, where are you?
    Where are you? Dad, where are you?
    Where are you where are you, dad where are you? x2


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