Day 16: Achievements Unlocked…?

Now I am not that big of a gamer, but I dabble every now and then. However, life isn’t really a video game unfortunately, while it does have its SLIIIIIIGHT similarities, it really isn’t.

Getting back on track, like video games, we all can achieve goals (whether set or not) that can help shape and define us as people. They help us grow and get through life, in my opinion anyway. So here are a few achievements that I have made thus far in my life.

  1. I made it to college (And am more than 1/2 through it)
  2. Being there for my friends and family while weeing out most if not all of the toxic people in my life
  3. Taken the right steps to a healthier life, mentally and physically, and have been able to sustain it
  4.  Showing maturity and signs of be a responsible adult (As told by those around)
  5. I am still here, breathing, alive and fighting


I’m sure by now that you have seen a trend with these kinds of posts. I keep reminding myself that I haven’t given up. I’ve gotten this far and I never seem to remember that I’ve been through quite a handful of what life has thrown in my direction. And back to the video game metaphor, I’ve leveled up, conquered, and gained so much through my journey. While the quest has yet to be completed, I haven’t stopped training and preparing myself for what else shall face me.

Its cheesy, I know, but I hope this is relatable to you. Life is hard and we have moments of weakness, but we have to remember the good times and stay positive that we can succeed!

Any recent achievements you have made? Any goals you completed? Feel free to share with me!


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