Day 19: Home

If you could live anywhere, where would I like to live?

My professional side is telling me that I need to be flexible. I have to be flexible because that is going to be my life for a while; freelance to be more specific, but that isn’t a bad thing. (Maybe I’ll go into detail about it later, I’m not too sure)

Typically when the idea of moving/relocating comes up, I get really depressed and absolutely beside myself. Change and I do not mix well at all and it honestly frightens me. But thankfully this is hypothetical so if I was to say, hypothetically, if I could live anywhere I can honestly say I’d rather visit these place than live there….

  • Canada (Vancouver)
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Australia

If I had to choose somewhere to live out of the ones listed, it wasn’t an option to just visit, I had to choose somewhere to live, it probably be Canada.

On the other hand, I have this very unusual attraction to Reading, Massachusetts. Reading it where my grandparents and most of extended family is from (on my mother’s side anyway) and its just kind of always felt like home. Probably because I visited there so often, once a year for the Christmas Holidays and I always enjoyed it.

The house itself was three levels and it had that really vintage cottage feel to it, inside and out, but as you went upstairs it really felt kind of modern, but also very classical? I felt like a 1960’s TV star going up and down the curved staircase. It did get a little creepy in the basement though, given how open it was and how dim the lighting always was.

None the less, I really wouldn’t mind living there. It gets so comfy during the holidays and overall is in a general area that just feels so calming and safe. I wish I had photos of the place, it honestly makes me upset that I don’t. I guess I’d really enjoy living there because I’d still be with family, it be a little bit of a travel, but I could still be with my friends and the overall community is one that I find very attractive.


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