Day 20: Significant Childhood Moments

These might not be from my ‘childhood’ but more of experiences from the last couple of years*

1.) Meeting my best friend:
It was 8th grade science class, we had seen each other all the time considering out lockers were right next to each other. He would always talk to his friend before giving me glances of discomfort and utter hatred. He hated me because I was an “annoying nerd” based on how I looked. However once his friend properly introduced us, he said he would ‘tolerate’ me which suddenly became nearly 11 years of absolute friendship. We had no idea that we’d become the best of friends, especially me, because he utterly terrified me.

2.) Weight loss:
I was always a chubby kid ever since I could remember; nearly 200lbs by 8th grade. I never thought much about it till about High School; I remember crying on my bed because of how I looked and how I just didn’t like it at all. My hanging stomach and my size 42-44 stretchy waist jeans just made me feel even more upset. Working myself to the bone to just feel better, I spent nearly 2 years working to ‘fix’ how I looked and it worked. I dropped nearly 80lbs and 20 pant sizes (Currently a size 27-28). What was significant wasn’t the way I looked or the congrats I had gotten from my peers, but was the eating disorder I had developed. One struggle became another only to be proven that we are all going to be Work In Progresses with new challenges. We can’t give up so easily.

3.) My First Kiss:
I was 17, freshly out of the closest after 4 years of denial and confusion. 17 and he was 26; clouded by rose colored glasses I fooled myself into thinking this was going to be something special. After 2 dates, he initiated and I followed; he apologized for rushing, but I just forgave him with a cheesy movie line.

“I waited 17 years for my first kiss, I’m done waiting.”

Either way, mistakes happen, luckily nothing more.
Can’t let the past define you.
Gotta Keep Moving Forward.




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