Day 21: One Superpower

I’ve always loved this question because it really says a lot about a person once they give their answer. Typically for me, my go to was I would have wanted the power to grant wishes; not like a genie or a fairy, just someone who would hear a wish and it be up to me to decide if its worth granting…

However the drawbacks were rather costly:

  • Draining on my physical body; depending on the magnitude of the wish
  • I would need to recharge after every wish; it wouldn’t have been an endless stream of power
  • It be one hell of a secret to hide
  • I’d be the most wanted person in the world if my secret got out and not everyone has an innocent wish

My fall back powers were:

  1. Phasing/Intangibility
  2. Sensory Magic
  3. Mystic and astrological powers like Dr. Strange, Wiccan and The Scarlet Witch

My conclusion was that if I had to chose one superpower is I would love to create barriers. Very similar to forcefields; translucent shields with opaque colors shifts of pink, blue and purple with varying sizes, that could be placed anywhere.  Here is the kicker, I would want to create the shields and if for some reason they would to be shattered (whether by my command or not) I could focus my energy into using the remaining shards as projectiles.

Fighting another power user whose strength may be completely on offense, depending on their power, trying to land a single blow. Laughing hysterically as they assume you have been gifted with a useless power that can break at anytime. Only to be surprised when, in a swift motion and a flick of your wrist balling your previously open palm to have your barrier shatter. Your enemy startled, but going in for the final blow, your once sturdy colored walls become a storm of flying needles. 

Just think what else you could do once your powers continue to manifest. The more you study and practice, the more you could achieve. The possibility of creating a fluid shield that you can twist and bend to block more difficult prey; maybe even bend and mold your shields so they can become similar to a suit of armor. Or even create a translucent golems if you ever can figure out how to manage your powers to their fullest potential.

Now that you have heard my answer, what can you infer about my own personality?
The desire to grant wishes might say I have a giving heart/personality.

Phasing/Intangibility and barriers might imply that sometimes I feel the need for isolation and that I push people away.

What do you think?
And if you could have one superpower, what would you choose?


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