Day 22: 5 Years? 10? 15?

This was always a question that was a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I would want to think about it, but others I wouldn’t want to and avoid the question all together. Possibly due to just myself just feeling a certain way when asked as it was always asked when I felt a different way.

I wouldn’t want to because…

  • I feel I’d always have to be realistic no matter long or short term goals
  • Trying to think on the spot in my field especially for where you want to be, especially for a college student, is EXTREMELY stressful
  • As a freelancer, its difficult because we have a lot of options

I would want to because…

  • I could actually plan out my future; I’d be able to start planning out the steps to achieve what I would like to do
  • I’d be able to sort through long vs. short term goals
  • Its less stressful when you start early in this mindset because then you could be more flexible with changes as you continue to try and achieve these goals

Hopefully that all made sense, but overall I feel that I would be able to answer with a little more specific/clear answer as apposed to if you were asking me as a freshman in college.

5 Years?

  • Graduated College
  • Have participated in an internship or two
  • Studied abroad in Lacoste
  • Possibly still living with my parents as I continue to try and find a steady/more stable job in the Illustration market
  • Have a 9 – 5 job??? Maybe???

10 Years?

  • Graduated College
  • Out of College Debt
  • Moved out of my parents house
  • Possibly have an agent (or be better known in the market)
  • Attended an SCBWI conference
  • Be living with my S.O. (Significant Other)
  • ???Possible Graduate Program???

15 Years?

  • Graduated College (with possible Masters?)
  • Be a well known illustrator in the publication market or the Graphic Designer market (Be Published multiple times)
  • Be included in Illozoo
  • Married
  • Living Happily Ever After with the people I care for the most and doing the things I love


While I do hope to be financially stable, I don’t think I’m going to be a millionaire living in a fancy mansion with thousands of adoring fans. Mostly because I’m an illustrator and designer and based on the community we live in now, we are nowhere near the equivalent to a pop star (let alone Beyoncé, but thats a WHOLE other topic). Out of anything, even if I can’t achieve everything off my list, I would just want to be stable and be able to support myself. If anything. I’m not asking for riches or a fairy tale ending


As much as I would like that, I know it may not happen. I just have to work hard enough in order to get to where I want. I mean thats literally what everyone wants/has to do work hard in order to achieve your dreams.


Don’t give up.
(and all that jazz)

It’s important, but not reaching all your dreams won’t make you a failure, which I know is kind of harsh to say, but its just tying into being realistic with your goals. But hey if you want to achieve the unthinkable then by all means do so! I 100% truly believe that people can! You can if you want and if you do, then I’m so happy for you! Especially since you had to work hard to achieve it; you earned it!

But for me, if I’m living a stable life in a studio apartment or a condo in a suburban community doing what I love and being at least recognized/being given some appreciation for it, then I’d be happy.

Best of luck to you all!
I hope you get to where you all want to be in the future 🙂


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