Day 23: 5 Hobbies

I’m not quite sure if I count all of these as ‘Hobbies’
Mainly because I do a lot of these almost daily so I guess some could/would be considered as a routine more than anything. None the less lets see what I can come up with!

  1. Illustrating:
    As it is what I am going to school for and what I wish to do with my life, I suppose it is only natural that I consider this a ‘hobby’ when in actuality it is more of a routine. I perform some act of Illustration every single day even if I do not complete a piece. Even when I’m NOT PHYSICALLY Illustrating I am still studying/admiring other illustrations
  2. Music:
    Now I do not have much experience with, lets say singing or performing music. But I can absolutely guarantee that I can be totally contempt with relaxing, working, walking or just dancing around my dorm/room with headphones in. People call me rude, but I literally just can’t help it.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons:
    I’m sorry, but what part of participating on a quest where you meet so many people, defend for your lives, explore new lands A N D be able to cast magic directly from your finger tips, DOESN’T sound interesting??? Plus the amount of maturity varies on each game (lol)
  4. Baking & Cooking:
    Need I say more???
    . . .
    Plus sharing and having others enjoy the food that you made is such a warm fuzzy feeling~
  5. Being Around Other People:
    As much as an I enjoy my quiet time, there are loads of times where I wish I could just go out with friends. Not necessarily to a club or to a giant party, but just be out walking, relaxing at a coffee shop

    (I’d say coffee, but coffee isn’t a hobby 😦 )

    or just not doing anything. I remember in High School, my best friend and I would just hang off the edge of the couch upside down or lay on the floor and just stare up at the ceiling on Fridays. Company is always nice.


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