Opaque – Weakness?

You shouldn’t call them a “heartless” or “stoned faced”

You shouldn’t assume the worst because of how someone chooses to present themselves

While we share the same organs such as the brain, the lungs and the heart
Does not mean we have shared the same experiences

Some choose to cradle their hearts in their arms
While others choose to wear their brain like a crown
Then there are those we can do both

In our natural collective state we are all humans
Separated, though still human, we are shaped and conditioned differently

We can never truly or fully know or understand the lives that we all have lived
Everyone of us can not be transparent, translucent or opaque

That being said, we can however use our shared tools to learn and help
These tools give us the abilities to be able to listen, understand and offer guidance
Tools such as Empathy and Sympathy

These tools are not keys however
But gentle and smooth stones that we can lightly skip against the muddy and cloudy surface of our friends, family, strangers and all those we come across

It will not always be clear however
We all will act and react differently
Do not become angry and frustrated if your stone takes one skip and then sinks
Do not blame the body of water either

The difference in us all helps give shape and character
Though some are more extreme and violent as a mighty storm
Others can be as simple and silent as a zen pond

Some storms will last forever
Others will settle and let the sun rise and clouds separate
But it isn’t your job to tame or seek adventure in these waters

It is however important to never assume that the water will always be clear and clean
Most times we will find it to be Opaque and that is normal
For it is just it’s natural state
via Daily Prompt: Opaque


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