“G0 O*F*F”

I’m not sure how many of you have heard the song “Go Off” – M.I.A ?

Its been appearing on my Spotify quite frequently and its been growing on me a lot. My favorite line is her referring to her third eye and how its always focused; its really been resonating with me. The kind of drum beat matched with the song is really empowering to me. The visual image I get in my head when I hear it reminds me very much of movies and TV shows when the protagonist suddenly gains a massive power up. Imagining this third unseen eye just SNAPPING open and suddenly feeling power flow around you as you become some sentient being who sees and knows all.

For me, it resonates with my ADD/ADHD (I have a combined form of the two) because usually as my attention is easily taken, its like I’m already aware of any and everything around me. With the addition of an added the quote from the 1998 TV show “Daria” because while it is a funny/witty line, its like “Hey Here Is A Boost!” and then as you are seated higher, everything becomes clearer and more open. Possibly even the meaning of life (Kind of a Stretch though); I hope someone has seen “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” in order to get that 42 reference.

17990520_1498909656785858_6038720496662568988_o18119785_1499740756702748_1163145807_o (I’m really sorry about the quality of the last photo, my scanner won’t scan most highlighter colors? My phone was a little unstable)


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