Day 25: Five Ways To Win My Heart

Questions like these I feel I am not being genuine enough; if you are just a good hearted human being than I will like you. Thats why I don’t feel like I’m being honest enough because traits that go with being a good person are so common in responses.

  • Honesty
  • An Open Mind
  • Patience
  • Gentlemen
  • Etc

While all those traits are important to me and can easily win my heart, I think I am going to offer 5 traits that are more specifically altered to fit me. What MY heart wants…

  1. Being Patient enough to handle me at my worst:
    We all have our ‘darknesses’ and it can be difficult. I myself have been personally known for exploding things FAR out of proportion and being indecisive. A lot of my answers are ‘I don’t know’. Yes the natural thing for someone to want to do is to comfort and reassure them (them being me), but allowing me to have some space will help. I tend to get over things/episodes, but I need time.
  2. Help the both of us understand:
    I may not make the most sense and sometimes have the oddest reasons for doing/thinking things. Unless I’m distraught, be able to help me talk it out even if I end up repeating myself over and over again
  3. I am all talk, do not take me seriously all the time:
    Literally, unless I say I’m serious, please do not take it as if I said something that is ‘set in stone’. My jokes are terrible too, just fyi
  4. I will try to go out of my way and it won’t feel enough:
    If you do something nice for me, for any reason, I will try to out due you. To me it isn’t a competition, I just want you to be happy and for you to feel and know that I am in this because I share the same/similar feelings toward you. If I can’t then I will be a little over critical of myself, please understand that I am not seeking pity or attention. I want you to be happy and I absolutely hate unequal relationships
  5. Reassurance: 
    This one is a kind of a big one, but I would really appreciate it if you can reassure me that you are who you say you are as well as your intentions. I know to a lot that just sounds annoying, but I really and full heartedly love to know more about who someone is, what they believe/stand for and why they are here.So being open and honesty kind of go hand in hand with this; especially if I am being irrational (which happens a lot). 

That was a lot, I know and I am sorry. I went off track, but hopefully this all made sense. Yes the common traits are very much important and are things I’d like to see, but it always goes down to those details. We are all human and I know that no one is perfect, and as long as we both can come to understanding with no prejudice, malice thoughts about another & open and honest minds then I’m pretty sure we will get along.


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