Visual Journal – 1mpre55i0nable

Impressionable .jpeg

I myself am someone who has been perceived as impressionable, gullible, naïve and too trusting.

Speak one sentence, a phrase or a fact and I will second guess myself. I never know what is the true truth (though do any of us?)

However I know that this is who I am
This trait is part of my genetic makeup
A part of my identity and the idea of the ‘self’

My personality is mine
Mine Alone and runs through my veins
Pumping directly from my overused and exhausted heart.
I feel it seep through my skin
Building itself up with every drop
Exposing its soft tissued shell into my palm
Taking in the air and oxygen directly as it continues to fuel me and my body

Shocking it may be
but it demands comfort
As we both wander in the scary world beyond the rose colored glass.

I will cradle it forever in my arms
Letting the saturated red stain my finger tips
So that I may forever leave my mark.


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