Constructing – Carrington

Another throwback because I am feeling some more nostalgia. During sophomore year, the class was tasked with creating a 3D animal, but turning it into some form of mechanical being. Creating an animal using found objects and pieces; it was a way of sculpture and a three dimensional illustration.

It may not have been my best work, but I was still very proud of this little guy. I gave them the name of Carrington; he still lives to this day, unfortunately with his head not properly attached to his body.


Constructing – ‘The Headache’

Last year around January I participated in the DWR Champagne Chair contest (through SCAD) where my classmate and I had to create a miniature model of a chair, any design we’d like. Brenton (my classmate) and I created a basic design using only the foil, the cage and the cork of a champagne bottle; as directed by the official rules.

I figured it be time that I actually show the production (not only for portfolio reasons), but just because its been over a year and I really enjoy sharing this collaborative piece.



Mothers Day

Obligatory late Mother’s Day post
Thank you
Thank you for loving me
Supporting & Being there for Me
For 21 years you did not give up
It has been an absolutely wild ride
Especially considering I have not been the perfect child
I know we have had our troubles
Our Fights
Our Disputes
But we have grown stronger the more time has past
Our love and our bond will continue to grow
And Become Stronger
I love you!
Happy Mother's Day (2017)


As an art student, you are expected to participate in critiques. With due dates and deadlines we have to bring in our pieces and then share with the class for feedback. As nerve-wracking and awkward as they can be, I never have anything to say.

I stay quiet even if I enjoy the piece, well I’ll occasionally say ‘I enjoy this because ________’ or if something is REALLY picking at me. Other than that, I really never seem to have anything useful to say. Its like I genuinely can’t find anything that needs improving; I honestly question my taste in art and my mentality.

Am I just not even trying to find any form of improvement in someone else’s work?

Am I sparing their feelings?

Or is my mind just unable to get past the surface; am I still thinking INSIDE the box instead of outside, around, up and over?? Side to side???

No matter what the reason is, I still find critique days to not be very enjoyable.

Calming Storm

I remember as a child that I was absolutely terrified of storms. The clapping thunder and blinding lightning, oh how I was so terrified. Every time I’d hear and see it, I’d become so tense and fearful. Being scared that my house will be swept away, the lights will explode, a flood, etc.

My fears seemed endless and were kind of brought to life once. During one storm some of our windows were shattered open due to hectic winds and the vibration from a very over energetic clap of thunder.

However recently I’ve been able to find solace in all this rage. Granted yes I am still worried about the power going out because I actually am still afraid of the dark (feel free to poke fun at me if you want). Plus I am currently living away from my family while attending college so I am trying to become my own person and generally getting over my fears.

This past Monday (5/1) I remember being very relaxed as it had been extremely humid the past weekend. I actually laughed a little when there was thunder (possible defense mechanism?) and was relieved because I had kept asking nature, several saw it as just talking to myself, about how I wish the sky would just stop teasing us with the occasional cumulonimbus overcast clouds.

Then when it finally came, I felt so sleepy and drowsy; coming back from a full day of classes and just being able to lay down on my bed, headphones in, boyfriend on skype (in a similar fashion as I was) and my mind wandering behind shut eyes.

Turned on some Indila and just felt so at peace; it was a not so quiet moment of silence.  I would have wanted to read, but then I really would have fallen asleep.

I generally love overcast and rainy days, the sounds, colors and scents are just so nurturing. Maybe it has something to do with me being a water sign. . . *shrugs*


VJ: Literature Season

18193302_1504582989551858_8661160181173878759_o‘Tis the season for reading
. . .

Just Kidding, its the season to read 24/7, 365 days a year 🙂

As a child I was never a huge fan of reading unless it was comic books, however I still enjoyed it when my parents or teachers read to me (given if I found the book interesting). Now I find myself in college where I am studying to actually become an illustrator who works in the publication industry. Children’s Books is what I would really like to do, but I find interest in Editorial as well.

Either way, I would love to continue to encourage and spread the joy of reading. Personally I prefer to have the book in my hands as suppose to behind a screen, but as long as people are reading I shouldn’t be too picky.

Currently I am revisiting Childhood favorites and discovering new titles with my boyfriend. So far we have read….

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window
  • Rat Queens: Issue 1 – 3

Last night we started Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name Of The Wind”

What books are you currently reading?