Calming Storm

I remember as a child that I was absolutely terrified of storms. The clapping thunder and blinding lightning, oh how I was so terrified. Every time I’d hear and see it, I’d become so tense and fearful. Being scared that my house will be swept away, the lights will explode, a flood, etc.

My fears seemed endless and were kind of brought to life once. During one storm some of our windows were shattered open due to hectic winds and the vibration from a very over energetic clap of thunder.

However recently I’ve been able to find solace in all this rage. Granted yes I am still worried about the power going out because I actually am still afraid of the dark (feel free to poke fun at me if you want). Plus I am currently living away from my family while attending college so I am trying to become my own person and generally getting over my fears.

This past Monday (5/1) I remember being very relaxed as it had been extremely humid the past weekend. I actually laughed a little when there was thunder (possible defense mechanism?) and was relieved because I had kept asking nature, several saw it as just talking to myself, about how I wish the sky would just stop teasing us with the occasional cumulonimbus overcast clouds.

Then when it finally came, I felt so sleepy and drowsy; coming back from a full day of classes and just being able to lay down on my bed, headphones in, boyfriend on skype (in a similar fashion as I was) and my mind wandering behind shut eyes.

Turned on some Indila and just felt so at peace; it was a not so quiet moment of silence.  I would have wanted to read, but then I really would have fallen asleep.

I generally love overcast and rainy days, the sounds, colors and scents are just so nurturing. Maybe it has something to do with me being a water sign. . . *shrugs*



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