As an art student, you are expected to participate in critiques. With due dates and deadlines we have to bring in our pieces and then share with the class for feedback. As nerve-wracking and awkward as they can be, I never have anything to say.

I stay quiet even if I enjoy the piece, well I’ll occasionally say ‘I enjoy this because ________’ or if something is REALLY picking at me. Other than that, I really never seem to have anything useful to say. Its like I genuinely can’t find anything that needs improving; I honestly question my taste in art and my mentality.

Am I just not even trying to find any form of improvement in someone else’s work?

Am I sparing their feelings?

Or is my mind just unable to get past the surface; am I still thinking INSIDE the box instead of outside, around, up and over?? Side to side???

No matter what the reason is, I still find critique days to not be very enjoyable.


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