Character Questionnaire – Ennis

As requested by my DM for my Dungeons and Dragon’s game, we are to fill out this questionnaire for our characters. Ennis, being my character, is now being portrayed as a Warlock and so I had to alter some of their facts and little tidbits about them. Most of their answers are no different from how they are usually and I felt I personally got to know them even more now. Their characterization has improved and I felt that it could be fun to share (especially since our next game is tomorrow night!)

  • Describe your character’s relationship with their family

Ennis has little to no memory of their birth father; in fact Ennis doesn’t even know the truth about his mother’s life before marriage. His mother, Saria, had done her best to raise Ennis even though Ennis was forbidden from setting foot outside thanks to his stepfather, Folwin, He was much more over protective of the family name than his family’s wellbeing; Ennis grew up feeling that their mother didn’t truly love their stepfather, but she would always dismiss the idea if they brought it up. Saria married Folwin in order to give Ennis a ‘normal’ life thinking riches and a seat higher in society would suffice; Saria’s family was known for their massive production of silk and rare fabrics and marrying Folwin doubled their wealth. As grateful and happy as they were, the happiness was only temporary.

  • What is your character’s biggest fear?

During childhood, they were afraid of Satyrs. Folwin took matters into his own hands to sever the ties between Ennis and their real father, to ‘protect’ his family when in reality it was to not be connected to the foul creatures, as he referred them to. Fearing the Satyr’s wild nature to be rambunctious, no respect for the law and overall evil. However as they grew up, they have grown to not only fear, but also hate them, due to the idea that Satyr’s assaulted their mother before Ennis was born. Their following fears are not being able to be accepted by society.

  • What is the worst thing they have ever done?

While being homeschooled and forbidden to step foot outside, Ennis took interest in studying magic. Taught the basics by their tutor and warned about how universal magic is; used for good and evil, light and dark and everything in between. Ennis found themselves awoken in their family’s library late on night by the sounds of a famished Peryton who had made its way into their home. Stalking its prey, not quite attacking, but soon spoke as clouds of euphoria gas spilled from its lips. It sensed Ennis’s true origins in their blood and offered a pact. Feeding them stories about wishing to help and how, if they accepted, they will fulfill their dreams. Curiosity over came them and accepted becoming a patron to the Archfey; plagued by nightmares and terrors. Ennis found themselves in pain as their fingers were now stained black, cursed with inverted eyes and their legs now replaced with their proper satyr half.


  • What have they been doing for the past three years?

Sneaking out and immediately seeking help from the Mage’s Circle in the dead of night for the drawbacks of the pact, but received none. Arrested and deemed unholy for their appearance and essence of unregistered magic, was taken to the highest courts of Succession law and was charged guilty trespassing and being an outsider. Was soon branded with the court’s sigil, Ennis pleaded and begged for their mother, hoping she could convince them that Ennis was still Elven born. To their surprise, it was Folwin who stepped up while their mother could only weep in silence. Folwin’s protest seemed very lethargic and unconvincing, but the courts did take into account Saria’s presence. Coming to a decision, the courts ordered Ennis to seek out their own worth. Not told if it was money, treasure, or power, they were to never return until they had found it. To survive out in the world, explore and record new worlds and to provide new information of magic, culture, history and whatever else they find to bring back at the end of their journey. However it had proven much more difficult than Ennis anticipated; having to learn to survive with their own wits and few supplies granted by the courts. Let alone the Archfey living through them.



  • What is their most prized possession?

Besides the arcane crystal hanging from their neck, Ennis’s most prized possession would be the aged and partially broken antlered skull that they keep at the top of their bag. A token, a momentum of their, long lost friend. A cleric named Shix was one of Ennis’s first companions they had met after being banished; an odd one of sorts who was quite the wise cracking worshipper. Picked up the skull on a particular journey together and to be funny/intimidating, Shix would put it on their head like a mask and it soon became part of their usual attire. Neither they nor Shix saw the madness that crept its way through Shix’s mind and soon consumed them, literally. A mouth, eyes, a voice; the metamorphosis overtook Shix and turned them into a living nightmare. All Ennis could do was watch the mob of people, who chased Shix down, die at Shix’s hands before they took off into the night, leaving Ennis all alone. Now Ennis keeps the skull close to encourage and keep their friend alive; their first real friend.


  • Who has influenced them the most?
    -Adila Sedraïa and K.Kõiv, two very different women Ennis had learned about while growing up. Adila is an Elvish folk singer whose songs really helped Ennis’s concentration, grounding, and overall enjoyment. K.Kõiv on the other hand is a legend, or has been taught that way. She is said to be a power witch who only to live in stories; an unknown alignment and many stories of her doing many different things, good and evil, but all sharing the theme of guidance. Having grown up with stories of her, Ennis believes she exists and wishes to one day be graced with her presence and learn all he can about her; befriending her and offering all he has to be taught in her ways.


  • What is their favorite animal?

-Ennis loves most kinds of animals, from cats to dogs, to antelopes to reindeer to wolves. They have a sweet spot for young bears, and reindeer especially, but not well know to many, is that Ennis has a curious side for wolverines, owlbears and barghasts.


  • What element do you associate them with?

-Fitting their birthday, Ennis associates with Earth. Growing up how they did, they are very strict on themselves to follow the rules and disciplined. They are slow to act in most cases as they can’t think properly during chaos. Whether it be their heritage or the pact with the Archfey, they have a strong connection with the earth. Loving and showing appreciation for everything it shares with them; grounded by their desire for the truth about their family holds them and their mind to be very rigid and heavy even when they deeply wish to experience more flowing freedom and balance of the other elements.

  • What is their favorite thing to do in their free time?

When they aren’t taking notes in their journal of their findings to one day return home with all they have learned, Ennis enjoys reading tarot and studying glyphs/runes. While they are not the greatest, they find solace in being able to connect with those not on their plane of existence. Seeking advice through mostly single card layouts and learning about other sorts of history & magic through the symbols they encounter from books, caves, etc.

  • What is the #1 thing they would like to accomplish in their lifetime?

Besides meet K.Kõiv, they full heartedly wish to learn and confront their biological father. The one who allegedly forced himself on their mother and caused her to live her life in shame as she calls Ennis her child.


30 Days of Pride: Day 3

Day 3 – Did you have any experiences as a child that might have foreshadowed your sexuality?
Honestly the most memorable was sometime in middle school, I went to Borders (When Borders were still a thing ;-; ) and I found a bunch of comic books focused around LGTBQAI+ characters. I couldn’t quite understand, but I was really interested in finding out how and where the story went. These two male characters sharing this relationship that I see straight couples have; I was confused, but also very happy for them. Granted I was taken a back when the artist decided to show some intimate scenes and by seeing that I sort of freaked and put it back on the shelf in fear of embarrassment/getting caught looking at something so graphic. However that whole experience really stuck with me as I then found myself looking for more stories around same sex couples because it was really sweet to see that love could come in many different forms regardless of sex.

30 Days of Pride: Day 1 & 2

(Starting a new challenge to keep myself more focused on this blog as I am FINALLY done with Junior year! )

Day 1: Share your name, age, and identity. Share a picture of yourself.

William (Will or Bill)


Day 2: How old were you when you first discovered you were LGBTQ?

I believe I was around 13 or 14 when I started noticing I wasn’t entirely attract to girls. It then slowly become a transition of coming to accept and love myself for who I was; sophomore year I was pan/bi, junior year I shut myself into the closet until senior year when I finally accepted 🙂 ❤️💛💚💙💜

Constructing – Carrington

Another throwback because I am feeling some more nostalgia. During sophomore year, the class was tasked with creating a 3D animal, but turning it into some form of mechanical being. Creating an animal using found objects and pieces; it was a way of sculpture and a three dimensional illustration.

It may not have been my best work, but I was still very proud of this little guy. I gave them the name of Carrington; he still lives to this day, unfortunately with his head not properly attached to his body.

Constructing – ‘The Headache’

Last year around January I participated in the DWR Champagne Chair contest (through SCAD) where my classmate and I had to create a miniature model of a chair, any design we’d like. Brenton (my classmate) and I created a basic design using only the foil, the cage and the cork of a champagne bottle; as directed by the official rules.

I figured it be time that I actually show the production (not only for portfolio reasons), but just because its been over a year and I really enjoy sharing this collaborative piece.



Mothers Day

Obligatory late Mother’s Day post
Thank you
Thank you for loving me
Supporting & Being there for Me
For 21 years you did not give up
It has been an absolutely wild ride
Especially considering I have not been the perfect child
I know we have had our troubles
Our Fights
Our Disputes
But we have grown stronger the more time has past
Our love and our bond will continue to grow
And Become Stronger
I love you!
Happy Mother's Day (2017)


As an art student, you are expected to participate in critiques. With due dates and deadlines we have to bring in our pieces and then share with the class for feedback. As nerve-wracking and awkward as they can be, I never have anything to say.

I stay quiet even if I enjoy the piece, well I’ll occasionally say ‘I enjoy this because ________’ or if something is REALLY picking at me. Other than that, I really never seem to have anything useful to say. Its like I genuinely can’t find anything that needs improving; I honestly question my taste in art and my mentality.

Am I just not even trying to find any form of improvement in someone else’s work?

Am I sparing their feelings?

Or is my mind just unable to get past the surface; am I still thinking INSIDE the box instead of outside, around, up and over?? Side to side???

No matter what the reason is, I still find critique days to not be very enjoyable.

Calming Storm

I remember as a child that I was absolutely terrified of storms. The clapping thunder and blinding lightning, oh how I was so terrified. Every time I’d hear and see it, I’d become so tense and fearful. Being scared that my house will be swept away, the lights will explode, a flood, etc.

My fears seemed endless and were kind of brought to life once. During one storm some of our windows were shattered open due to hectic winds and the vibration from a very over energetic clap of thunder.

However recently I’ve been able to find solace in all this rage. Granted yes I am still worried about the power going out because I actually am still afraid of the dark (feel free to poke fun at me if you want). Plus I am currently living away from my family while attending college so I am trying to become my own person and generally getting over my fears.

This past Monday (5/1) I remember being very relaxed as it had been extremely humid the past weekend. I actually laughed a little when there was thunder (possible defense mechanism?) and was relieved because I had kept asking nature, several saw it as just talking to myself, about how I wish the sky would just stop teasing us with the occasional cumulonimbus overcast clouds.

Then when it finally came, I felt so sleepy and drowsy; coming back from a full day of classes and just being able to lay down on my bed, headphones in, boyfriend on skype (in a similar fashion as I was) and my mind wandering behind shut eyes.

Turned on some Indila and just felt so at peace; it was a not so quiet moment of silence.  I would have wanted to read, but then I really would have fallen asleep.

I generally love overcast and rainy days, the sounds, colors and scents are just so nurturing. Maybe it has something to do with me being a water sign. . . *shrugs*


VJ: Literature Season

18193302_1504582989551858_8661160181173878759_o‘Tis the season for reading
. . .

Just Kidding, its the season to read 24/7, 365 days a year 🙂

As a child I was never a huge fan of reading unless it was comic books, however I still enjoyed it when my parents or teachers read to me (given if I found the book interesting). Now I find myself in college where I am studying to actually become an illustrator who works in the publication industry. Children’s Books is what I would really like to do, but I find interest in Editorial as well.

Either way, I would love to continue to encourage and spread the joy of reading. Personally I prefer to have the book in my hands as suppose to behind a screen, but as long as people are reading I shouldn’t be too picky.

Currently I am revisiting Childhood favorites and discovering new titles with my boyfriend. So far we have read….

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window
  • Rat Queens: Issue 1 – 3

Last night we started Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name Of The Wind”

What books are you currently reading?

Visual Journal – 1mpre55i0nable

Impressionable .jpeg

I myself am someone who has been perceived as impressionable, gullible, naïve and too trusting.

Speak one sentence, a phrase or a fact and I will second guess myself. I never know what is the true truth (though do any of us?)

However I know that this is who I am
This trait is part of my genetic makeup
A part of my identity and the idea of the ‘self’

My personality is mine
Mine Alone and runs through my veins
Pumping directly from my overused and exhausted heart.
I feel it seep through my skin
Building itself up with every drop
Exposing its soft tissued shell into my palm
Taking in the air and oxygen directly as it continues to fuel me and my body

Shocking it may be
but it demands comfort
As we both wander in the scary world beyond the rose colored glass.

I will cradle it forever in my arms
Letting the saturated red stain my finger tips
So that I may forever leave my mark.